Our Vision

  We at The Giving Pool believe that all lives matter equally. We are committed to increasing the quality of life for people in Morocco. We provide filters for those who cannot obtain pure water. We focus on families as we seek to promote the health of children.  

How You Can Help

How can you help? We at The Giving Pool have a simple, workable plan to provide water filters for the thirsty in Morocco.  We are passionate about providing safe drinking water to those who need it right now.  Many are working very hard to solve the worldwide water crisis, but families…

The Problem

What’s the problem with the water? Even though water is plentiful on our earth, 97.5% of the world’s water is salty.  And much of the small percentage of fresh water is not clean.  The need for fresh water is growing as the world’s population grows.  We need more water for…

Be the change you wish to see in the world. ~ Gandhi

Water Filter Project

How did the water filter project start?

I’m Shellene Cleverdon.  That’s me on the sand dune below.

The idea for this charitable project began as a conversation between Hassan, a Moroccan tour guide and me while we were on the road from the Atlas Mountains back to Marrakech.  He had noted my filter water bottle that I had brought and said that he would like one.  He uses many purchased bottles of water per day, as do most of the people in Morocco.  Even most city water is not pure and clean. We decided that all of the guides for his tour company should have filter water bottles to be a good example for the people on their trips.

But, Hassan said, “The real need is with the people who live here, especially those near the desert.  Many can’t afford to buy water.  They are forced to drink unsafe water.”  So, began the idea to give filters to the people of Morocco.  My One Thing (the guiding purpose of my life) is to “foster the growth and development of children.”  Focusing on providing clean water to families is consistent with that vision.

The Giving PoolI made several trips to Morocco taking as many water filters as I could.  Hassan gave the filters to those in need as he guided his trips throughout the country. It has been a small project, to say the least, but I remind myself that every bottle or family-sized water filter makes a huge difference in the lives of the recipient.  I have been happy to do this with my own money.

However, the time has come to help this project grow.  Magically, those who want to help have entered my life.  I met a man on a train from Casablanca to Meknes. We began chatting because he was eager to speak with me in English.  He led me to a contact to many other helpful contacts throughout Morocco.  Several people have shown up at the right time to help with the design of this web site.  One idea has led to another.  One person has led to another. And now The Giving Pool is a corporation with a board of directors and members.

“Me” has turned into “We.”

This water project will grow and flourish.  It is the right thing to do and so the right things happen.

The Giving Pool has a simple guiding purpose:

Allow those who want to give, the ability to pool resources.

No culture can survive if it attempts to be exclusive. ~Gandhi