How We Help

Where does The Giving Pool fit in?

Currently, 1 in 4 people in Morocco do not have access to safe drinking water.  And the situation is getting worse.  Many things are being done to mitigate this crisis.  Dams and water delivery systems are being built.  The fog is harvested off the coast.  Desalinization plants are being built.  Wastewater recovery and irrigation methods are being modernized.   Governments, universities, world organizations and non-profit groups are working to solve the problem.  Yet, these huge projects take time.  Research into innovative methods takes time.  Building dams and wastewater recovery plants take time.  Doing things on such a macro scale makes a huge difference, but it takes time.

Meanwhile, the families are thirsty now.  They are drinking unsafe water and putting their children at risk out of necessity.  Their health is suffering.  Worldwide there are 13,000 deaths per day due of the lack of clean water.

Many of us take fresh water for granted.  I turn on the tap at my home in the United States and pure, clean water flows out.  I don’t have to worry that it will make me sick.  I know it will not.

It is a different story in Morocco.   Much of the year it is very hot.  And there is a great thirst.

The Giving Pool is based upon a simple idea.  While governments, universities and large corporations search for solutions to the water crisis, we can make a difference on a smaller scale.  Let them handle the time-consuming process on a macro scale.  But, the need is immediate.  That’s where we fit in. We can help provide clean water now, to those who need it.  We have a “right now” plan.  It is crucial to help right now.

We provide water filters to those who cannot access clean water.  We distribute them in various sizes, from personal water filter bottles to larger family-sized water filters.  New technology has allowed drinkable water to be produced easily and cost-effectively by filtering.  We have distributed as many as we can on a very small scale, but the time has come to make a bigger difference.  We are partnering with a non-profit agency already in Morocco to distribute as many filters as possible to the thirsty.  We focus on families.  We focus on health.  We focus on giving what we can.

Water filters for Morocco.  A simple idea.

If we pool our resources we can make a difference.

Every drop helps.