How You Can Help

The Giving Pool

How can you help?

We at The Giving Pool have a simple, workable plan to provide water filters for the thirsty in Morocco.  We are passionate about providing safe drinking water to those who need it right now.  Many are working very hard to solve the worldwide water crisis, but families are thirsty now. If you donate money to our organization, it will be used to buy and send water filters to Morocco.  This is the most cost-effectiv way to acquire and transport bulk quantities of bottles, replacement filters and family-sized filters.

Filters are shipped to a Moroccan charitable organization or school for distribution.   Costs for a single bottle with a replacement filter run about 53 US Dollars and a family-sized filter with a replacement filter is about 120 US Dollars. Each filter cleans up to 100 gallons of water. So, along with the replacement filter, that’s 200 gallons of pure, clean water!  And we have a tracking plan to provide more replacement filters.

We are currently distributing bottles that filter the water using an “iodinator” that attracts and neutralizes contaminants found in the water.  Contaminated water is poured in to the water, and simply squeezing the bottle or sucking through the straw pulls the water through the iodinated and purifies it.  Again, every bottle distributed is accompanied by a replacement filter and further replacement filters can be issued as needed.

But, every penny counts and it all adds up.  Every Drop Counts.

That’s the idea behind The Giving Pool .

Pooling our resources to help families in need.

We would love to hear from you if you have ideas about our project.  We want to leverage efforts to maximize results.  So please, we invite you to contact us with suggestions.