Our First Organizing face-to-face meeting

What’s New???

In October 2018, we held our first organizing face-to-face meeting in Rabat: Abdelhay Najoua from the Department of Environment ” Centre de Competences en Developpment Durable”, Dr. Hassan Gazhal, a professor at the University Mohammed Premier and me, Shelley Cleverdon.  Mr. Najoua arrived with a lovely PowerPoint presentation outlining his thoughts on implementing the water filter project.  A lively discussion ensued!  Here are the basics.

In February 2019, we will launch the project by holding a meeting and training in Ouezanne, Morocco.  City and regional officials of three selected areas will be invited:  Essaouira, Ouezanne and Erfoud.  We will discuss the importance of fresh water and display our simple and affordable solution, the water filter bottle.  Prior to that time, the students at Dr. Gazhal’s university will test the water in these three initial areas in order to determine the exact contaminants that need to be filtered.  This launch meeting will guide our actions thereafter.  We need to increase awareness of the problem, obtain the approval and support of city and regional officials and offer our solution.  At this point, we feel that distributing the bottles through the schools is our best alternative.   Our thoughts are to engage the officials, the university students, the schools and the families in our project.

First, awareness.  Then, engagement.

I am so excited and honored to work with these gentlemen who are just as committed to this project as I am.

Stay tuned!!!  We are making a difference in the world!!!