Still working amid difficulties…

Despite our best efforts to get more filters to Morocco, the COVID restrictions have hampered progress.  Several months ago we sent a large shipment of filters to Mike McHugo in France.  Mike oversees the worthy project Education for All and we through the generosity of our donors we have been able to supply water filters to the EFA boarding homes.  Our plan was that Mike would drive the filters down to Morocco as soon as the border between France and Spain opened.  That has not yet happened after all these months.  He will eventually get them there.  And Shelley Cleverdon was all set to take more filters this past Saturday.  The plan was to speak to school children at the BBIO organic farm outside of Essaouira and then distribute pump-style filters to each family.  New COVID restrictions due to the Delta variant that went in place last week would have made travel and distribution too difficult.  And there is talk of another lockdown. So, that trip has been delayed.  Despite all of this, we continue to work for fresh water for the families in Morocco.  We will get them there eventually.  We promise.

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